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Aesthetic Wilderness cover
Aesthetic Wilderness: A Brief Personal History of the
Meeting between Art and the Machine, 1844-2005

By G. W. Smith; 150 pages.

Russell's Paradox cover
Russell's Paradox

By Russell Walker; 262 pages.
You Don't Know Me cover
You Don't Know Me

By Dianna O'Ceallaigh; 100 pages.

Betty: A Memoir
Betty: A Memoir

By Elizabeth K. Smith; 88 pages.

Born with the Bomb cover
Born with the Bomb

By Frank O'Toole; 62 pages.
Drunk Haiku cover
Drunk Haiku

By Grantley Rushing; 122 pages.
The Stolen Kiss cover
The Stolen Kiss

By Alton Schmitt; 81 pages.
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