Museum of Techno Art
MTA panoramic view -- and click here for a video tour
Museum of Techno Art
MTA is Oregon's new 501(c)(3) non-profit exhibition
space for both technologically-themed art and hi-tech
industrial products having an irresistable visual appeal
-- or in short, art as industry !!!

Located in the historic Miner Building at
132 E Broadway in Eugene, and with a lobby
exhibition area generously provided by its owners,
the museum is currently providing tours by
appointment -- see below for details.
Artist Exhibitors
[Note: the artist works referenced hereunder are representative and
not necessarily those currently on display at the museum.]
Steve La Riccia Steve La Riccia, drawing upon an extraordinary affinity for the
technological materials of the 19th and 20th centuries, has been
amazing the public for forty years. He produced, beginning in the early
1980s, a significant body of work with his SX-70 manipulations --
wherein a stylus is rubbed over the still-developing print which has just
been ejected from the hi-tech Polaroid camera -- and has achieved
with it many beautiful and evocative results, as with his 1996 Nude with
; but when that technology was discontinued circa 2010, he made
the leap to hyperspace with his interactive assemblages of steam-age
and space-age components, and one of which, Teller's Armageddon,
has been the subject of our inaugural exhibit in the Miner Building lobby.
Joe Mross Joe Mross received his degree in 1993 from the University of Oregon
in Fine and Applied Arts with an emphasis on metalsmithing and
printmaking. His firm, Archive Designs, has since earned a reputation
as one of the leading metal design and fabrication studios in the
United States, and its work has been featured in numerous books and
magazines over the years. Among many other career highlights, he
received in 2014 a coveted Burning Man honorarium for his installation
Lost Nomads of Vulcania, a 21' tall gypsy vardo steam walker; and
more recently, in 2022, his firm was selected to design and fabricate
the marvelous stage machinery for the Eugene Ballet's production of
Taming of the Shrew.
Glenn Smith Glenn Smith is an English Lit major turned turned software engineer
turned kinetic sculptor, the creator of the BLAST (blocked
asynchronous transmission) data communications protocol, the
founder of motion display consultancy Space Machines Corporation,
the holder of two patents in the field of electro-mechanical display
systems, and a contributor to the scholarly journals Arts and Leonardo.
The high point of his artistic career thus far has been the appearance
of his Cyberman 2021 in a five-month juried show of kinetic art at the
Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey, and he has more recently
gained notice for Revolution in 8 Pieces, a photo/kinetic collaboration
with Barbora Bakalarova.
Corporate Exhibitors
Miner Building

MTA is seeking, and will be delighted to receive,
proposals from Oregon companies having a hi-tech
industrial product or component of irresistible visual
appeal, and therefore an ideal subject for one of our
ongoing series of no cost monthly exhibits in the lobby
of the Miner Building.
News and Events
Paul Brown Noted British computer art pioneer Paul Brown, the recipient of this
year's ACM SIGGRAPH Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime
Achievement in Digital Art
, is donating reproductions of two of his
historic prints, as well as a time-based work
, to the museum in
conjunction with its grand opening during Eugene's Visual Arts Week,
October 6-15. A reception will be held at 7 PM on the evening of
Thursday, October 5th for supporters of the museum, and to be
followed on Saturday, October 7th by a public, 1 PM to 5 PM open
house. MTA is located in Suite 212 of the historic Miner Building at 132
E Broadway; and as an additional exhibition space, its owners are
generously making available their wonderful period front lobby, and
where Steve La Riccia's Babbage/Lovelace's Machination will be on
display for the entire month of October.
Art Born of Industry The Eugene Weekly has just published a charming and informative
article about our launch !!! By intern reporter Alicia Santiago, Art Born
of Industry
(11 August 2023) focuses on co-founder Steve La Riccia's
transition from being the long-time mastermind behind the New Zone
Gallery to museum impresario. As per its title, the article also highlights
our outreach to Oregon's business and industrial communities.
Further Information
In response to what French art historian Juliette Bessette has happily
described as "a vast expansion of the creative sphere" represented by
our current technological landscape, long-time Eugene artist and art
promoter Steve La Riccia and Eugene newcomer Glenn Smith have
just launched a 501(c)(3) non-profit Museum of Techno Art.

The museum plans to exhibit artists whose work is technologically
themed; and in complementary fashion, MTA will also be exhibiting hi-
tech industrial products having significant artistic content. MTA will thus
serve as an exhibition space for both Oregon's artistic and business
communities -- or in short, "art as industry" !!!
Steve La Riccia
(541) 517-1488

Glenn Smith
(504) 478-3485
Please get in touch with us to schedule a tour. At present, we occupy a
small, two-room upstairs space -- Suite 212 -- but we invite you to help
us grow!
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit; all of our staff work is voluntary; we are
currently seeking funding to expand our exhibit space; and all
donations will be so utilitized. Please make checks payable to the
Museum of Techno Art c/o OCCU.